Academics Gallery

20 February 2019

MOOD Matric Awards Ceremony

Simonet Kapp and Krystn Hockey with the awards they received at the MOOD Matric Awards Ceremony. Simonet Kapp for being placed 3rd in the Western Cape (Tourism) and Krystn Hockey for being placed 1st in the Western Cape for Dance  (100%). Congratulations to both these ex-learners!!!

8 may 2017

2017 Die Poort Skryfkompetisie

Three of Brackenfell High’s learners excelled in the “2017 Die Poort Skryfkompetisie”. This year they competed in the prose section and all three entries were of such high quality that it was selected to be published.

Here are f.l.t.r. Sinead Jacobs (Gr. 10A1), Dominique Fuchs (Gr 12A1) en Claudé Jansen van Vuuren (Gr. 10A1).

24 MARCH 2017

SA Nedbank Writing Competition

Mr Gerrit van Deventer, Economics teacher at Brackenfell High School, proudly stands with Lisa Lucas (right on the photo) and Lebone Makena (next to Mr van Deventer), two Grade 12 pupils.  They excelled when they were both announced finalists in the SA Nedbank Writing Competition.

23 May 2016

2016 SAASTA School Debates Provincial Competition

Five of our pupils did us very proud when they were announced 1st Runner up in the 2016 SAASTA School Debates Provincial Competition. Only one speech was prepared, the rest of the competition was “thinking on their feet”. They had a very interesting and informative day, which all five enjoyed thoroughly. What makes this achievement remarkable, is the fact that all five of them are Afrikaans speakers.

Well done Gustav Meyer, Cara Wenn, Alida Jordaan, Elizma Hayes and Heike Muller!

9 May 2016

SAICE Western Cape Bridge Building Competition

Our Bridge Building Teams once again achieved outstanding results in the SAICE Western Cape Bridge Building Competition.  Team 1 won the competition and will compete Nationally in Gauteng later this year. Team 1 consists of boys: Dewald Mouton, Niël Oosthuizen and Philip Kleynhans. Their bridge weighed 185 g  and supported 175 Kg.

Team 2 consisted of girls and they took the second place: Daniélle Groenewald, Carmen Fouché and Eugenie Groenewald.  Their bridge weighed 225 g geweeg and carried 125 Kg.

PHOTO: f.l.t.r.:  Daniélle Groenewald (Gr. 12), mnr. Johan Nieuwoudt (Subject Head: EGD), Eugénie Groenewald (Gr. 10) and Karmin Fouché (Gr. 12).

21 April 2016

SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

The “SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns” yearly launches the Poort Writing Competition for learners of South Africa and Namibia.  A national winner for Prose and Poetry and then 10 top achievers in Prose and Poetry are announced.  Annelies Groenwold in Grade 11A1 was selected a top achiever in Prose.  On the photo is Annelies with Ms Maritsa Brand, her proud Afrikaans Home Language teacher.

18 April 2016

2016 Nedbank Essay Writing Competition

Iréne Schmidt (Gr 12) was selected to participate in the 2016 Nedbank Essay Writing Competition. To compete, learners must take Maths, Accounting and Economics. Iréne was one of the 25 finalists and received a R2000 cash prize for her entry.

With her in the photo is her teacher, Mr Gerrit van Deventer.

12 April 2016

Western Cape Aqualibrium

This year Mr Nieuwoudt entered two teams to compete in the Western Cape Aqualibrium:  SAICE Schools Water Competition.  We named them Team 1 and team 2.  Team 1’s members are all matrics and they appear on the photo f.l.t.r.:  Kevin Diener, Mr Johan Nieuwoudt (liaison teacher), Matthew Jansen and Brian Erlston.   They achieved a second place in the Western Cape.

Team 2, consisting  of Daniëlle Groenewald (Gr 12), Gareth Graham (Gr 11) and Eugénie Groenewald (Gr 10) achieved a third place in the Western Cape.